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Frequently Asked Questions (Toyota AR swap into MR2 Spyder Q's)

This FAQ will grow over time, if you do not see your question answered here please do not hesitate to contact me:

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Why the AR Family of engines

The modern Toyota engines really are quite amazing. At first I'm starting with the 2AR-FE (2.5L 4 cyl, rated at 180hp) This engine is the cheapest in this family to purchase because it's been available for the longest. With a solid intake and exhaust it tends to make just a little under 200hp to the ground. From here supporting other engines in the AR family will simply require different right side motor mounts and potentially different headers. I look forward to adding support for the 8AR-FE as soon as the 2AR stuff is done. This engine uses direct injection and a turbo to produce 265hp stock. I'll update this with an actual dyno'd number once i've performed the swap.


Where are all the parts?

The Spyder MR2 shop only opened in June 2017, I'm in progress of adding all the parts as they become available over the next several months.


What about the immobilizer and other ECU issues?

I plan on making a modified ECU available for this swap, at first the immobilizer will be required but I intend on circling back around to this as soon as i can to fix it. The ability to remove the Immobilizer on the 2GR-FE has really helped people do this easier and the ability to run the engine without a check engine light has made for a more polished install. I intend to do the same here.


What about my other questions?

I've just gotten this FAQ started, send me your question and I'll see about answering it as well as adding it here if appropriate.