Frankenstein Motorworks is a one man show run by Marc Labranche. The parts seen in this store are just the tame side of things, Sometimes i enjoy getting a bit crazy and this is an example of such things made from a 1991 Toyota MR2 and a radial airplane engine from 1936. There’s also a Subaru gearbox, a Mitsubishi transfer case and a Honda Goldwing final drive in there to make it all work together. Here is a Car & Driver article about this car.


Race proven reliability.

Gin1_2018_MR2_0009 (3).jpg

Here you can see me with three generations of cars that i have build for 24 hours of lemons, the MKI received a 2AR-FE, the MKII a 2GR-FE and the MKIII went back to a 2AR-FE.

Perhaps it’s just an excuse to spend time at the race track with some friends but everything I’ve built for the MR2s has gotten tossed in a race car and raced in the 24 hours of lemons. My goal with these parts is always to make them as reliable as possible and since I do not have the facilities to do intensive long term testing, this is the best way that i can come up with. After all, if my parts and tune can survive 24hours of full throttle attack from me and my friends there’s a really good chance you will not have issues with them no matter how hard you abuse them.