Frequently Asked Questions (2GR-FE swap into MR2 Q's)

This FAQ will grow over time, if you do not see your question answered here please do not hesitate to contact me:

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Why should i place a 2GR-FE 3.5L V6 in my MR2?

The 2GR-FE is a fantastic modern Toyota motor. It completely transforms the MR2 into a great daily driveable car. The swap does cost more money than the other alternatives and the other alternatives can be made to make more power for cheaper. but no other motor gives the reliability that the 2GR does in this application.


How fast will this make my MKII MR2?

I hate answering this question, but it constantly comes up. In full stock trim on street tires you'll get down the quarter mile in about 13 seconds flat at about 110mph. Essentially enough to shame most things you'll generally encounter on the street. But that isn't what this swap is about, more importantly the motor will always give you a dependable and predictable amount of power around every corner. It pulls like a freight train in any gear and just makes the car a joy to drive without worrying about if you'll have a car to drive home in.


Is there a step-by-step instalation guide available?

At the moment there is no such document. I would like to eventually create such a document i just simply have not done it yet. If you're willing to help with this please contact me and we can discuss how i can make it worth your while.


Can you remove the immobilizer from my ECU?

I can do this on some ECUs, they are in the store as parts you can purchase. More applications will be added over time.


This sounds great, i want a 2GR in my car, can you install it for me?

I'm just not setup for customer installs here but i can point you towards a shop that does great work:

Next Level MR2 in Portsmouth Rhode Island. Contact them directly here:

What about my other questions?

I've just gotten this FAQ started, send me your question and I'll see about answering it as well as adding it here if appropriate.