Frequently Asked Questions (General Q's)

This FAQ will grow over time, if you do not see your question answered here please do not hesitate to contact me:


Why do i do this?

Frankenstein Motorworks is a hobby that has accidentally turned into a business for me. I keep doing this because I enjoy designing these parts and i plan on continuing as long as the community keeps buying the parts.

Why is the shipping so expensive?

This question has two answers. 1) Automotive parts aren't that light. 2) Squarespace does not support properly calculating international shipping so I've set the estimates conservatively. If you feel the shipping cost is too high please contact me with your order and address and i will calculate the actual shipping cost.

Why do you only Ship Fed-Ex?

The postal service has caused me too many issues with lost and damaged packages. I simply cannot afford to use the postal service. The only alternative solution i offer for international buyers is to ship to a USA based forwarder. 

Why did you cancel my order?

Probably because you live in Indiana, USA. Indiana's requirements for sales taxes are simply too much to deal with for a guy with a hobby like this. I was originally properly registered in Indiana for retail sales but after the first "hey, we think you actually sold $100,000 worth of product last month, here's your $7,000 tax bill" letters i decided to drop all that. It just isn't worth it when you consider that Indiana is only 0.09% of the world's population and I've never had a single sale request since i started this business in 2008.

Do you make all the parts yourself?

All the parts listed for sale on the site are designed by me. The actual manufacturing is outsourced to people that are much better at it than i am. As much as possible i try to keep all products manufatured in the USA but it isn't always possible. An example of this is the rubber isolators in the motor mounts, those are made in China because the lowest volume of parts i could get made in the USA was approximately enough to install a V6 three times in every MR2 left in existence.

Can I call you?

Sorry, this is not something i can accommodate. This is a hobby and i have a family. The only way i can support this business while keeping a family life is by answering e-mails on my own schedule. I do my best to answer questions as quickly as possible.